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Writing Services

Screenwriting services for your screenwriting needs! Below is a list of writing services I offer. All services are for short and feature screenplays, teleplays, and webseries. I highly recommend that you have your work copyrighted before submitting a service request. I will provide a contract to protect both parties and your work as insurance. If you are not sure which service best fits you or you have any questions, please contact me at

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Script Coverage

Checking Text on a Document

Script Doctoring


Writer for Hire

Starting at $30

Script coverage provides a full analysis on your short, television, or feature script with feedback on concept, plot, structure, characters, and dialogue. You can request a zoom call/phone call consultation.

Script Coverage Includes:

- Detailed report of script [up to 4 pages] - Character development, plot, dialogue, structure analysis

- In-Script notes

- Zoom call/phone call consultation [Optional]

- Specific notes regarding solutions to story issues

Starting at $40

Script Doctoring includes an extensive polish on dialogue, formatting, action lines, transitions and grammatical errors for completed scripts to help your script reach its fullest potential and let your voice shine. 

Script Doctoring Includes:

- 2 page report of script

- Polish dialogue, action, transitions, and descriptions

- Edit script for typos, grammatical mistakes, and correct screenplay formatting

- Reformat script into Final Draft [if necessary]

Email for Price Inquiry

This service is for anyone with a concept/idea that needs to be written as a script. This service will credit me as the screenwriter for all relevant purposes. Please email me for inquiries about pricing and services at

This service includes:

- Logline

- One-paragraph synopsis

- Finished script formatted in Final Draft

- One rewrite/polish of script

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